Unparalleled Trade Expertise Across Diverse Industries

Welcome to the services page of Mir Group, where our blend of Turkish heritage and modern trade practices come together to offer you nothing less than excellence. As facilitators of global commerce, our portfolio spans across vital industries, each service being a signature of our quality and commitment. Explore our extensive range of services:

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General Trade

Trust in Mir Group's core competence General Trade. With years entwined in the vibrant Turkish trade ecosystem, our bespoke trade solutions ensure your enterprise stays equipped with the finest industrial equipment, construction materials, utility goods, and automotive components, each sourced and supplied with a hallmark of distinction. Experience efficiency unparalleled as we navigate through the nuances of proactive sourcing, thoughtful procurement, and robust distribution.

Featured Offerings:

- Quality-assured industrial goods

- Premium building and construction materials

- Variety of consumer products for retail needs

- High-quality automotive parts and accessories

Automotive Lubricants – Mayer Lubricants

Mir Group, the exclusive global distributor of Mayer Lubricants, is a pioneer in premium automotive care products. Drawing on Turkish technology and quality, we offer a collection of high-performance lubricants and maintenance essentials for all types of industries, aimed at enriching the journey of vehicles with lasting vitality and robust performance.

Selection Features:

- Advanced mineral oil and synthetic lubricants

- Products tailored for varied climatic conditions and engine types

- Automotive care items elevating performance and longevity

- Customised solutions for all industries.

Solar Led Lighting - LuxLuminaire™

Embark on a sustainable journey with LuxLuminaire™, a pioneer for solar LED lighting systems and a proud representative of Mir Group’s dedication to progressive and ecological solutions. Tailored for modern spaces, our lighting products not just endorse environmental stewardship but also pledge sophistication and optimal functionality — making every installation a stride towards a brighter, greener future.

Specialties Include:

Solar Outdoor Lighting, Solar Park and Garden Lighting, Solar panels, Industrial batteries, Outdoor Lighting, Lighting Fixtures, Garden Lighting, Hot Dip Galvanised Lighting Poles, HDG Floodlight Poles, HDG High Mast Lighting Pole, Decorative HDG Lighting Poles, Aluminium Lighting Poles, Decorative Aluminum Lighting Poles with Led, Decorative Aluminum Lighting Poles. Aluminium Flag Poles, Conical Aluminium Poles,

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