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Engineering Design Construction

Mir Group has established a reputation for meeting the needs of clients who demand multiple services in their integrated construction projects.

We take advantage of our expertise in different engineering disciplines that include consultancy services to develop complex industrial, commercial, and residential solutions.

Our experienced team performs multi-disciplinary coordination and close teamwork to figure out technical requirements, investment costs, and budget in line with client objectives. We provide Engineering Design and Construction  services as per local and international standards, codes, and conditions adopted to care for the safety and the environment as a prime objective for sustainability.

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As a well-established manufacturer, we have the skills and resources to assure our products and services quality with a comprehensive quality assurance and control system run by trained, certified, and qualified technical specialists.

We are also capable of incorporating with clients’ quality management systems to ensure compliance with contractually specified requirements of projects. We are extending our manufacturing strength with our outsourcing partners. We choose the best matching options to the project needs and guide our clients accordingly. We aim to minimize risks and provide best practices with quality services and materials. Therefore we assure our commitment to client satisfaction and happiness.

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Mir Group provides global procurement services, enabling us to handle your deliveries in the most effective way.

Our well-established procurement team has extensive expertise to assure client requirements with an alternatively studied procurement plan to reduce risks and rise advantages for the total cost of ownership.

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Our wide range of consulting services gives our clients the option of having a single local partner in Turkiye for their global operations. We provide market research, and local services for your business. We prefer laying all steps open in front of you and let you discover the potentials available. As a result, we provide extensive advantages for a total cost of ownership with our solution partners. 

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Healthcare Medical​

We provide together with our solution partners reliable, fast, and affordable services to the healthcare, medical and pharmaceutical sectors. We offer a unique business experience to pharmacy, hospital, health clinic, and medical vendor clients with the most suitable and other alternative products for their wholesale or retail, small or large order requests.

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Street Lighting​

Mir Group has manufacturer partners for solar-powered (photovoltaic) lighting systems. We are mainly providing solar and led outdoor lights, floodlights, indoor lamps, bollards, and street pole lights. We are able to tailor our design and system according to your technical specifications and requirements.

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Mir Group Based In Türkiye A Leading General Contractor

Mir Group is operating globally in various fields of sectors. We draw our strength from a globally experienced network of professionals who work on the world’s toughest challenges with years of experience which has a span of over 30 countries around the world with the latest advancements in the respective fields.

We believe in long-term relationships with our partners and are committed to our clients’ lasting success. We are to be the business partner of our clients’ trust, value and high regard. We are simply called Efficacious

We are the industry heads and provide the most reliable and trendy services you are looking for.

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